25% of Android users want to switch to iPhone,

25% of Android users want to switch to iPhone,

The competition between Android phones and iPhones today is not only about the sophistication of the specifications, but also about the operating system. Also, the latest survey results show that Android users want to switch to iPhone because they are tempted by iOS 16.
Cybersecurity company Beyond Identity recently conducted a survey of 1,003 respondents in the United States. The aim of this survey is to find out how safe Android and iPhone users feel when using their devices.

As a result, 76% of iPhone users think their devices are more secure, while 74% of Android users think their gadgets are more secure. Additionally, 32% of respondents said the iPhone 13 Pro Max is the most secure phone they use compared to the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (13%).

Not only because of the iPhone, Apple users also feel safer because of the security and privacy features it offers. For example, Apple Cloud Keychain (Apple’s password manager app) users are more likely to feel very secure than Google Password Manager users (20% vs. 17%).

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25% of Android users surveyed said they were considering switching to an iPhone for security reasons. Of that percentage, 49% said they turned away because they found iPhone security and privacy superior.


iOS 16, the latest operating system coming soon for iPhone, is the reason why 33% of Android users switch to iPhone. This latest operating system will indeed bring extreme security features, including lock mode that can protect cell phones from spyware attacks, as quoted from Phone Arena, Friday (8/19/2022).

This study also shows that Apple users are more diligent about securing their devices, for example by setting up a six-digit PIN, using facial recognition, and enabling location tracking.

Almost half of those surveyed also reported being victims of malware attacks (40% for iPhone and 48% for Android) and online scams (44% for iPhone and 45% for Android).


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