Add a touch of French Riviera style to your home

Add a touch of French Riviera style to your home./

With a timeless style and a lasting attraction, summer returns year after year to the French Riviera. Think about Brigitte Bardot resting on bikini on the beach in Saint-Tropez. Imagine the wind in your hair, a ventious bohemian atmosphere and a glass of cold rose wine in your hand … you can almost imagine taking a rest of the burning sun in the cold shadow of a palm tree.

But you don’t have to get on a plane to enjoy life in the Riviera this summer. From Saint-Tropez to Cannes and Nice, some adjustments to their interior design can easily channel the relaxed style of the French Riviera. Here are three simple tips to start.

1. Be careful with White, think of the yachts

The Riviera is synonymous with light and bright, essential. With its Mediterranean influences, the atmosphere of Riviera transmits images of Greek statues and wrapped walls. Opt White bedding and textiles, from a cozy launch for the sofa to a textured or embroidered Nordic cover, as in a recently renewed hotel suite. Add some pastel objects for a touch of texture and depth. Try the beige tones of rose of shell or a glass, almost turquoise blue, to add a poetic touch to the room.

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