Add a touch of French Riviera style to your home

2. Look for natural fibers

Keep the space as aerated and clear as possible and look for furniture that uses natural fibers. The Riviera is about resting, relaxing and enjoying the sensation of natural materials against the burning sun. For example, look for wicker and cane chairs. And do not hesitate to mix and combine to break hard lines and soften the atmosphere, especially if you have a large and imposing table.


3. Riviera poster boy

The local artist Monsieur Z-also known as Richard Zienkiewicz-are known for his illustrations, which have appeared in the elegant Vogue magazine, among others. He has also created illustrations for many places in the French Riviera, from Rayol-Canadel-Sur -mer to Monaco Hyères-Le-Palmiers and the less known capture. They are essential.

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