Aesthetic photo tutorials at home

Aesthetic photo tutorials at home,Composition basics

Aesthetic photo tutorials at home – Sometimes we are too busy taking photos in Instagramable spots in cafes or art spaces. In fact, did you realize that you can actually take Instagramable photos at home? Do you want to have an aesthetic profile photo for Instagram? – Aesthetic photo tutorials.

It turns out that there are some tips that you can use to produce aesthetic profile photos, here :

1. Choose clothes or outfits that match the theme of the photo
2. Determine the background of the photo, it can be outdoor or indoor.
3. Use natural lighting
4. Define a different angle
5. Use nearby properties
6. Don’t forget to edit your photo with filters or presets in the application so that your profile photo is more aesthetic.

This trick can also be done by those of you who want aesthetic photos with hijab, you know. If you want aesthetic photos with hijab, you need to have a hijab that you want to use. Choose a plain hijab so that your photos look cleaner and less crowded – Aesthetic photo tutorials.

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1. Instagramable home decor

Instagramable home decor

Make sure you have a room with instagramable decorations. Maybe your house doesn’t look as cool as a cafe or hotel, but you can decorate or tidy up the rooms at home to make them look attractive as photo backgrounds.Try following some room and living room decorating tips from the Rukita decoration category to design your home room to make it look more aesthetic – Aesthetic photo tutorials.

Maybe you can make a photo gallery, a glass gallery – Aesthetic photo tutorials, or give wallpaper so that the walls of your house can be photo spots.Also make your home page look attractive. Who doesn’t like photos with an outdoor concept?

2. Take advantage of the sun

Tips on how to take aesthetic photos on this one also shouldn’t be missed. Make sure there is a sunny room so you can use natural light for your aesthetic photos.To get a good selfie – Aesthetic photo tutorials, you have to use natural sunlight. Make sure there is a window in your room to take Instagram-worthy selfies.

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The sun has a variety of attractive colors of light at different times. You can get a hot light at 12-2 pm, while at 3-4 pm you can get a golden hour light with a golden effect – Aesthetic photo tutorials.White mosquito nets can also be a diffuser for too bright light, and will eliminate shadows from your photo object so the photo will feel softer.

3. Unusual photo angle

If you don’t want to take photos of your items at home from a full angle, the front looks like a photo of an item catalog, right?You can try various unique angles to take photos of your home items. It aims to show another interesting side of the item.Try taking photos from various angles, flat-lay style – Aesthetic photo tutorials, to take photos from the inside of the object.Different perspectives will make the photo more attractive to the viewer.

4. Take advantage of artificial light

Besides being able to take advantage of natural sunlight, you can also use lamps or other artificial light such as candles.If you are taking photos with lights, adjust the color of the bulb according to the mood of the photo you want to achieve.You can also take advantage of HP screen light or candles – Aesthetic photo tutorials. The light emitted by the candle will give an intimate effect so that it gives a different feel to the photo.

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5. Instagramable photos using windows

In addition to being a source of natural light, the window itself can be a good photo object. You can make the window the center of attention of your photo.You can also use the window to take photos of the scenery outside – Aesthetic photo tutorials, the twilight sky, the moon, and the road outside your house.

You can also use the moonlight and street lights that emanate from the windows to create an interesting photo mood.If you’re shooting an outdoor scene, try inserting a little window sill into the subject of the photo to give context to your point of view and give your photo a natural frame – Aesthetic photo tutorials.

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