Apple will be TSMC’s first 3nm chip customer?

Apple will be TSMC’s first 3nm chip customer?,/

TSMC, the leading advanced chipmaker, will soon start shipping 3nm chip orders, with Apple as its first customer. However, these state-of-the-art processors will not be intended for the upcoming iPhone 14 series.

The largest customer of the world’s largest contract chip manufacturer is also the giant from Cupertino. The latter will initially receive the 3nm chips, but these are not intended for the upcoming models of the iPhone 14 Pro series.

For those who don’t know, the iPhone 14 series comes with the 4nm-based A16 Bionic chipset for the Pro models of the iPhone 14 Pro models, while the base and Max variants come with the 5- Last generation nm A15 Bionic chipset.

The new 3nm chips that Apple has ordered are basically for the next generation of PC chipsets, namely the M2 Pro processor. It’s the first process-based 3nm chip that the brand will ship, with the first iPhone to feature a 3nm chip likely to be the iPhone 15 series, which will launch in 2023.

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Simply put, the generational leap also means that next-generation chips will be both more powerful and energy-efficient, while having higher transistor counts in the chips. Based on TSMC statements, the 3nm FinFET chips will reduce power consumption by 25 to 30 percent while increasing performance by 10 to 15 percent over the previous generation 5nm FinFET-based chips.

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