Audio in Reels Feature Lost When Downloaded

Audio in Reels Feature Lost When Downloaded, This is Instagram’s Explanation.

Instagram explains about audio in Reels that gets lost when exported to other apps. They think it’s not about banning uploading content to TikTok.

Some time ago, Instagram was reportedly upset because their users made videos on Reels and then uploaded them on another application, namely TikTok. It started when a video uploaded on Reels was downloaded to an iPhone and edited, no sound came out. In order for the sound to still appear, the user must upload the video to Reels. This case does not occur on Android devices.

Social media platforms are starting to pay attention to the habit of users uploading short videos on other platforms. Instagram previously said it would reduce the distribution of content originating from other platforms. While YouTube, the platform provides a watermark for exported Shorts content.

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Instagram Extend Reels Duration

The content-sharing platform announced an extension of the length of videos that can be played on Reels so creators can explore their creativity.Video on Reels, which was originally only 60 seconds, has now been extended to 90 seconds. Instagram reasons that it wants to provide a place for creators to show creativity and inspire audiences.

Indonesia is one of the countries that create a lot of Reels content and watch it. Therefore, Instagram has also launched several other features for Reels in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia.


The newest feature of Reels is the import of audio and sound effects. Creators can include their own audio creations for use in content. In addition, Instagram also adds sound effects such as the sound of horns and drum sounds.

Users will also see the option to use templates to make it easier for users to create content. Finally, the latest feature on Instagram Reels is the interactive stickers that have been present in Stories, such as quizzes, polls and emojis.

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