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Best Cloud VPS Hosting Companies For Blogger

Best Cloud VPS Hosting – There was a time within the past when the two main types of web hosting available to website owners were just shared hosting and dedicated servers, each of which has certain advantages and drawbacks . Then virtual private servers became a well-liked option that combines some of the best aspects of both worlds. then came cloud-based VPS offering maximum reliability, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.

Below we get into more details about the most features, advantages, and drawbacks of each of these hosts.


ScalaHosting isn’t just a seller of web hosting services, they’re one of the innovators in the industry. Their most notable innovation is that the CPanel control panel. They’ve custom-built this instrument panel to be a free alternative to the costly cPanel (you can still choose this one as an add-on) – Best Cloud VPS Hosting.


SPanel comes with free real-time security protection by SShield, which stops various sorts of attacks and malware targeted at your websites. It also comes with SWordPress Manager which simplifies the management of WP sites with automated tools for installing – Best Cloud VPS Hosting, updating, and securing WordPress (more features are currently being developed).

This company gives you the choice to deploy a managed VPS on their servers located in the USA and Europe, otherwise you can choose between two other big-time cloud providers: AWS and DigitalOcean. the foremost affordable option is using ScalaHosting’s data centers – Best Cloud VPS Hosting, which also enables you to create a custom plan with any amount of initial resources. you’ll later scale any of these resources up or down without having to change your entire plan.


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KnownHost stands out together of the few providers that don’t outsource their support operations to some useless agents who don’t do much more than basic copy-and-paste replies. This company is predicated in the USA and so is their support team – Best Cloud VPS Hosting.


They offer different types of cloud and traditional (non-cloud) virtual servers with both managed and unmanaged plans. you’ll find their cloud-based VPS under the “cloud hosting” category – Best Cloud VPS Hosting. This KVM-virtualized service comes fully optimized for max performance and uptime, especially for database-driven software, like WordPress. you’ll also get great performance with their NVMe VPS servers that make use of high-frequency processors.

If none of the quality plans suits your requirements, just shoot them an email and that they will help craft a custom package for you that fits the bill. the parents running this company are very friendly and engaged with the community – Best Cloud VPS Hosting, especially on Reddit where many users vouch for them.


ChemiCloud’s fully-managed cloud virtual servers make a perfect choice for beginners who have little knowledge of server technicalities. The support team is extremely helpful and they take care of all software installations, updates, security, etc. they will also assist you in migrating from your current host.


A cPanel Solo license and a LiteSpeed license are included free . LiteSpeed may be a commercial web server software that is significantly faster than the free Apache web server. It comes with the free LiteSpeed Cache plugin for WordPress – Best Cloud VPS Hosting, which may dramatically boost your site’s performance with fast-loading cached pages, image optimization, database optimization, and other useful features.

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As for server security, you get standard features like network and web application firewalls also as DDoS and brute-force protection. If you’d wish to have more advanced security features with real-time scanning, you ought to opt for the Imunify360 add-on – Best Cloud VPS Hosting.


HostArmada is another distinguished web hosting company with a really solid cloud server infrastructure and plentiful features in each plan they offer. They care well for his or her customers and they have a knowledgeable support team that promptly handles support requests.


Unlike most other providers that normally limit the port speed to around 100-200 Mbps, HostArmada offers high port speeds starting from 2 Gbps to 6 Gbps. But confine mind that the network transfer rate depends on various factors, so practically – Best Cloud VPS Hosting, the particular speed would be much lower than that. Most websites and applications don’t need such high port speed limits, but if yours does, this is often one of the most generous companies in that regard.

The standard web server configuration at HostArmada is Apache with Nginx as a reverse proxy server for enhanced caching. you’ll also go with LiteSpeed for an additional license fee. You get a free cPanel license (5 accounts) and a free Imunify360 (premium security tool) license – Best Cloud VPS Hosting. Local backups are free while offsite cloud backups are available as an add-on.

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Linode is one among the major providers of cloud computing infrastructure with top-grade servers and a simple hourly pricing model. The easy-to-use interface and therefore the friendly support team make them an excellent choice for developers looking to quickly deploy and scale Linux servers on demand.


They’ve recently introduced an app marketplace featuring a variety of about 100 third-party apps that can be automatically deployed with just one click. These include control panels (e.g. cPanel, Plesk, CyberPanel), databases (e.g. MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Redis), and content management systems (e.g. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal), VPN systems (e.g. OpenVPN, WireGuard, UTunnel VPN), and lots of others – Best Cloud VPS Hosting.

Now, Linode is primarily a self-managed service aimed toward skilled developers. If you don’t have any previous experience with managing Linux servers, this probably isn’t the place for you. they are doing have a managed support add-on, but it’s costly ($100 per server instance per month).


If you’re looking to put in a third-party software on your VPS but lack the technical knowledge to do it yourself, then RSHosting might just be the proper host for you. Their managed cloud VPS comes with full-on technical support and that they are more willing to help with software installations and configurations than most other providers out there.


RSHosting offers both Linux and Windows VPS plans with many features at an affordable price. Remote daily backups are included free for up to 5 GB (can be upgraded). For the instrument panel – Best Cloud VPS Hosting, you’ll choose one of the following three options at no additional cost: cPanel (5 accounts), DirectAdmin (unlimited accounts), and Plesk (30 accounts).

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