Best Photography Aesthetic Pose Ideas

Aesthetic Photo Pose Ideas For You That You Must Try

Best Photography Aesthetic Pose Ideas – Every day, social media users are increasing. Where they always try to express themselves through aesthetic photo poses and upload them on social media such as Instagram or Facebook. Therefore, many young people routinely capture every moment and then upload it on their social media.

In addition, the development of fashion, both fashion in general and fashion for Muslim women, has made it easier for Muslim women to look trendy. Starting from matching the color of the hijab with the clothes used, to mixing and matching with the nuances around it.
Must-Try Aesthetic Photo Pose Ideas

Places that can take aesthetic photos, such as cafes or restaurants and tourist attractions, will certainly support the appearance of the photos themselves. Nowadays, women are no longer stiff to pose in front of the camera.

However, there are also many women who are still confused about determining the right pose when taking photos. Well, on this occasion, we will give some aesthetic photo pose ideas that you can try. Certainly very suitable for those of you who have a stylish appearance and are wrapped in matching make-up.

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Best Photography Aesthetic Pose Ideas

1. Candid Photo Pose

The first aesthetic photo idea and often used by women is candid photo poses. This pose can be said to be quite unique, because we do not need to face directly at the camera. The essence of this photo pose is to create spontaneity. You can pretend you’re not aware of the camera and move around as usual.

Candid Photo Pose

The style of this photo pose is considered very interesting because there are so many kpop idols who do this contemporary photo style. One of the aesthetic photo pose ideas that you can try is by posing candidly while looking in the direction that you are looking at.

2. Posing to the Side

Posing sideways or sideways is also one of the aesthetic photo pose ideas that is mostly done by artists or celebrities. This side-facing photo idea will produce quite an interesting photo. Moreover, if you are a woman who has a fat body, you should use this pose.

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Posing to the Side

For example, if you want to take a full-body photo, it would be better if your body positioned to the side rather than having to stand straight at the camera. It aims to create the illusion of a smaller body.

3. Take pictures indoors

If you want to make aesthetic photos in the room, then the choice of color of clothes and the atmosphere in the room must match. It will create a stunning photo.

Take pictures indoors

In fact, if you choose the right clothes. You will be seen as the main character, coupled with your beautiful smile that will make everyone who sees it amazed and fascinated.

4. The position of the hands supporting the head

For hijabers who happen to use pastel-colored and patterned dresses or robes, then a photo pose with the hand supporting the head can be the right choice. You can see an example photo above. While looking at the camera, smiling, and crossing your legs forward, will make your photos look more elegant. The addition of accessories such as a bag that is placed on the side complements your appearance.


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5. Leaning against the Wall

There are lots of standing photo poses that you can create. One of them is by leaning against the wall. In order to get beautiful and charming photos, you don’t have to wear expensive clothes and heavy make-up. You just have to pose like a professional model with casual fashion then lean against the wall. Cross your legs back, lean against the wall, and tilt your body slightly.

6. Pose in the Cafe

One of the aesthetic photo pose ideas that is often done by young people today is to find and visit various unique, aesthetic, and beautiful cafes. Moreover, nowadays, almost all places in the area or urban areas have many cafes available. There are so many types of cafes that can be used as a hangout place for young people. Of course they will also take the time to take aesthetic photos in the cafe.

Pose in the Cafe

Photos in cafes have become one of the mandatory culture that must be done when visiting cafes. You can pose like you’re drinking or propping your chin on the table and then smiling at the camera. You have to try this pose.


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