Cloudways Review,faster load times after migrating

Cloudways Review,Faster Load Times After Migrating, The Great & Bad

Cloudways Review – Considering using Cloudways to host your WordPress site or another sort of site? In our hands-on Cloudways review, we’ll facilitate your decide whether this popular hosting provider is right for you.

Cloudways may be a bit of an outlier in the hosting space because it uses a unique approach to hosting. rather than providing its own infrastructure, Cloudways allows you to choose from five different cloud hosting providers – DigitalOcean, Vultr, Linode, AWS, and Google Cloud.

Then, Cloudways handles properly configuring and maintaining the server, together with providing you with lots of useful tools to manage your site – Cloudways Review.

The upshot of this approach is that you simply can get very good performance for a low price. However, it’s a touch more complicated than traditional hosting, so we don’t recommend Cloudways to all or any users.

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Here’s How We Tested Things for Our Cloudways Review

We always want our hosting reviews to be completely objective, so we signed up and purchased our own Cloudways account to write this review – Cloudways Review. Our experience is strictly the same as what you will experience and Cloudways did not provide us with any special deal or even know that we’re writing this review.

All of the tests that we ran, the screenshots we collected, and our general thoughts all came from our direct experience of using the Cloudways account that we purchased.


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With that out of the way, let’s probe our Cloudways review.

While Cloudways does use the unique cloud hosting approach that we mentioned within the introduction, Cloudways still offers a set of features that compares favorably with more “traditional” hosting providers.

First, let’s speak about the hosting environment itself. Cloudways configures your server with a hybrid “Apache + Nginx” stack. It then offers multiple caching layers to enhance performance including Nginx, Varnish, and Memcached – Cloudways Review.  There’s also an choice to easily install Redis.

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When Cloudways sets up your server, it’ll automatically implement all of this, together with securing your server and keeping everything updated.

Cloudways Performance Tests

To begin our hands-on Cloudways review, let’s run some performance tests. After all, performance is one among the most important considerations in any hosting provider.

To test Cloudways’s performance, we founded a real test site using the popular Astra theme and a full demo site. Our test site also includes the Breeze performance optimization plugin, which Cloudways installs by default – Cloudways Review.

For our server, we’re using the most cost effective $10/month DigitalOcean server.

Cloudways User Experience

Because Cloudways features a unique experience, let’s start at the start with setting up a server and installing WordPress. Then, we’ll take you thru some of the tools that you get to manage your sites and servers via Cloudways’s custom dashboard – Cloudways Review.

Launching a Server and Installing WordPress

When you first sign up to Cloudways, you’ll be prompted to launch a server and deploy an “application”. An application is any software that you simply want to install on your server – e.g. – Cloudways Review , WordPress, Magento, Laravel, and so on.

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Cloudways Support

Support are often a bit of a tricky subject at Cloudways.

Cloudways support is sweet for what it does, but you would like to realize that the scope of Cloudways’s support isn’t as broad as it might be at another host, especially a managed WordPress host – Cloudways Review.

By default, Cloudways supports your hosting server and therefore the Cloudways platform. If you’ve got a problem with the server or something with Cloudways itself, Cloudways will certainly hop in and help you.

You can get in contact with them 24/7 via live chat support.

However, Cloudways doesn’t provide application support by default. That is, they don’t officially offer support for any applications that you simply install on your server, like WordPress.

For example, if you’re having problems with the WordPress installer that Cloudways offers, their support will facilitate your . But if you’re seeing a mistake on your WordPress site, that’s outside the scope of the free support (though Cloudways will sometimes help anyway) – Cloudways Review.

If you are doing want this type of advanced application support, you’ll pay extra for premium support, but it’s not cheap.

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