Dedicated Android 12 Hidden Settings

Dedicated Android 12 Hidden Settings And gaming Mode

Dedicated Android 12 – Android 13 remains a few months away from its public release, but there’s still a lot to explore on Google’s current mobile operating system – Android 12.Whether you own a Pixel 6 Pro or a Samsung Galaxy S22, you’ll find several hidden settings and features on Android 12 that can completely change how you use your Android device – Android 12.

In this story, we’ll show you ways to recover accidentally deleted notifications, use your phone with just one hand, and more. take a look at what Android 12 has to offer below.

Android 12 keeps your notification history a faucet away

Do you ever clear out a notification without reading it? I do it all the time – Android 12. Android has offered device notification history for a few time now, but you either had to understand where to look, otherwise you had to install a third-party app to see it.

In Android 12, all you’ve got to do is scroll to the bottom of your notification shade, where you will see a new History button. Tap it, and you will see recently cleared notifications as well as alerts from the last 24 hours – Android 12.

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Dedicated Android 12

If you see Manage rather than History, that’s because Notification History isn’t turned on. Enable it by tapping on Manage, then select Notification History and slide the switch to the On position.

Android 12 makes big phones feel smaller

A new one-handed mode in Android 12 may not be a headlining feature, but it could make an enormous difference in how you use your phone. this is often especially true if you’re using a phone with a big display – Android 12, just like the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

The new one-handed mode moves the highest half of whatever’s on your screen to the bottom half, making it easier to tap a fast settings tile or a notification. To use it – Android 12, place a finger on the tiny bar at the bottom of your phone’s screen and swipe down. it’s going to take a few tries, but once you get the gesture found out , it is easy to reproduce.

Before you’ll do that, though, you will need to turn it on by going to Settings > System > Gestures > One-Handed Mode and slide the switch to the On position. Below the switch to enable the feature, you’ve got two options: Pull the screen into reach or Show notifications. Select the primary option and then close out the Settings app.

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There’s a dedicated gaming mode in Android 12

If you play plenty of games on your Android device – Android 12, you will be happy to know that Google added a dedicated gaming mode to Android 12. When it’s turned on, your phone will do things like automatically turning on don’t disturb when you start playing.

But you’d never know the mode existed if you didn’t venture deep into, of all places, your notification settings. More specifically – Android 12, attend Settings > Notifications > Do Not Disturb > Schedules. Once there, check the box next to Game Mode to show it on. Next, tap on the Settings gear icon and toggle both items.

In my experience testing it, the sport mode doesn’t work in every game (looking at you, Asphalt 9). It does add Call of Duty Mobile, however. When it’s active, you’ll do things like force your phone to optimize itself for gaming in a single tap or view your device’s current frames per second.

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Android 12 features a new app layout option, but it’d be Pixel-only

The app grid on your phone’s home screen normally ranges from a 4×4, 5×5, or 6×6 grid (or similar combinations). However, in Android 12 on the Pixel 5, there is a new app grid option that’s downright funny at first glance – Android 12. I assume this is often limited to just Pixel phones, but hopefully, other phone-makers adopt it, as it is a huge accessibility feature for those in need of larger app icons.

Switch to the new 2×2 layout with a long-press on your home screen, then select Styles & Wallpapers > Grid > 2×2.

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