Dedicated Server Hosting with Unlimited Bandwidth

Dedicated Server Hosting with Unlimited Bandwidth and SSD storage

Dedicated Server Hosting–  Onlive Server may be a leading dedicated server hosting provider that offers its clients a cheap Turkey Dedicated Server hosting package. we offer our clients the best quality dedicated hosting server solutions at the most affordable price.

It offers cheap Turkey Dedicated Server Hosting Services at meager prices using high-end hardware with advanced features like Dedicated IPs and unlimited bandwidths – Dedicated Server Hosting. Our dedicated server hosting plans come installed with all necessary software applications required, supplying you with complete control over your website domain name.

Why Choose Onlive Server’s Dedicated Servers for Your Website?

Cheap Turkey Dedicated server hosting is that the best solution when you want to host your website on a dedicated server. With dedicated server hosting, you’ll have your own space to store and control and manage data. you’ll also use it for running your applications that require a high-speed connection – Dedicated Server Hosting.

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We offer Windows and Linux servers – Dedicated Server Hosting, so you’ll choose whichever operating system best suits your needs. the simplest thing about our service is that we provide 24×7 support for all our customers so that they do not face any issues while using our servers.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Reasons to settle on Onlive Server as your dedicated server hosting provider :

  • Full Root Access: With Best Dedicated Server, you’ll install custom applications, scale-up resources, and security software – Dedicated Server Hosting. It provides you full access to an impact panel.
  • Security: DDoS protection, SSL certificate, etc. Our highly skilled IT experts’ team is there to support you 24/7 hours.
  • High speed: it’s the most important reason businesses choose a dedicated server. It gives you more excellent and reliable infrastructure, powerful processors, SSD storage, etc.

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The benefits of using our dedicated server hosting services are:

1. Reliability: Our servers are built with the very best quality hardware and the latest technologies, which enable us to make sure the highest uptime possible.

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2. Security & Privacy: We use industry-leading security measures like Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption, firewall protection, and antivirus software to guard your data from unauthorized access or loss – Dedicated Server Hosting.

3. Customization: we provide a customization option, so you’ll get precisely what you want from our servers.

5. High-traffic websites: If your site receives thousands of tourists daily, you’ll need an inexpensive dedicated server to handle the load. cPanel is pre-installed on all dedicated servers, allowing you to manage your website from our intuitive interface easily.

Onlive Server is that the best Turkey Dedicated Server provider at a low price with high-quality support and many-many features. Our Dedicated Server comes with SSD storage and an Intel Xeon processor – Dedicated Server Hosting.

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