Expect to see on Apple Watch Series 8

Expect to see on Apple Watch Series 8/

In a few weeks, Apple is expected to announce the next Apple Watch 8. fall.The same screen sizes as the previous models, but a larger model is in processApple has constantly changed the Apple Watch screen size. The original Apple Watch had 38 mm and 42 mm options through series 3, series 4 to series 6 had 40 mm and 44 mm options, and now with the 7 series comes 41 mm and 45 mm. options.

For Apple Watch’s 8 series, we expect Apple Apple is ready for 47 mm Apple. Clock. From now on, Bloomberg believes that this could be the new resistant sports edition of Apple Watch.

At least a new sensor comes to Apple Watch’s 8 series

From now on, Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal and the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predict that the Apple Watch 8 series will finally bring a new sensor. Both publications and the analyst say that a body temperature sensor is in process.
At the beginning of 2022, Mark Gurman of Bloomberg said: “The body temperature was on the road map of this year, but the talk in this regard has decreased lately.” Then, in July, Gurman reiterated that Apple will probably bring a new sensor to series 8:

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Processor similar to Apple Watch Series 6

Earlier this year, Mark Gurman of Bloomberg reported that Apple was preparing a new S8 SOC for Apple Watch’s 8 series that would bring “important updates to the monitoring of activities” with “faster chips at all times.”

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