Expect to see on Apple Watch Series 8

At the end of June, the journalist repeated his report saying that he expects the 8 -series processor similar to the current 7 series chip, as well as Apple Watch’s 6 series.

However, the 8 Apple Watch series will be as fast as Apple Watch 7 and Apple Watch 6. series for next year’s model, Gurman says the watch will get “a completely new processor.”


Best sleep monitoring technology and physical fitness characteristics in mind

After years of waiting, Apple finally launched an integrated solution for those who wish to track their dream. Unfortunately, the default application is not as good as third -party options.
With that in mind, the Wall Street Journal reported that Apple Watch Series 8 could have new sleep monitoring capabilities, including the ability to detect advanced sleep patterns and sleep apnea. However, the publication establishes that a challenge for Apple in terms of expansion of sleep monitoring capabilities is battery life.

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In fact, Apple has not expected the launch of the Apple Watch series, since it is currently testing an improved sleep tracking application thanks to Watchos 9. The same goes for the training application, which has had an important review with more data than ever for ever runners,


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