Give your bed a vacay-worthy makeover

Give your bed a vacay-worthy makeover.

Give your bed a change of image worthy of vacancies.With some intelligent maneuvers suggested by our experts: Shikha Misra, Director and Studios and Moulshree Mittal, Harvard Architect and Interior Designer, we have discovered tricks (some of which work imperceptibly to a subconscious level) that can help transform their monotonous their monotono to His monotonous bed on a vacation bed,interior designer.

1. White works

Have you considered why most hotels use both white in the rooms, from towels and dressing articles to containers and bedding? “White bedding ensures the hotel guests that the bed is clean and fresh,interior designer.

hotels use both white in the rooms

And because the target looks so clean, it gives it a luxury impression, ”says Misra, who has worked with the Leela hotels group. Westin’s hotels were the first to popularize white linen in the 1990s,interior designer. According to them, the white bed creates a “halo” effect that gives the impression that the rooms have been recently renewed.

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So, the next time I look for bedding, lean towards white, the faster, the better. In addition, supply the bleach and laundry detergent to keep the white whites,interior designer.

2. Quality quality

hotels use both white in the rooms

These bright, fluid but fresh sheets that notes in hotels have at least 300 thread counts. And they are made of Egyptian cotton, which keeps them fresh and airy (so keep away from the imitation microfiber or synthetic),interior designer. Most international hotel chains now sell high quality bedding of up to 800 online threads.

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