Google Maps needs to improve

4 ways Google Maps needs to improve

Google Maps might be one of the best navigation apps out there, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect.Having relied on Google Maps for years to get me everywhere, using it to save on fuel bills, and making sure I never miss the last train home, I’m well aware of both its pros and cons .

So here are four improvements I’d like to see made to Google Maps.

Google maps needs to be more accurate

Google Maps is generally pretty accurate. Its traffic alerts and driving times are always accurate, and its routes always get me where I want to go.However, it can make mistakes with smaller details. On a few occasions lately I’ve found that the speed limit for a particular road shown by Maps is incorrect and is either too high or too low on certain sections of my journey.

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Additionally, when navigating cities on foot, Google Maps can sometimes disregard lanes and paths that could simplify or even shorten my route, and overly favor paths along main roads.

These little issues won’t always be the easiest to fix – after all, Google Maps tries to keep track of data from around the world – but there are a few ways to fix this.

Google Maps should expand its language options

Google Maps language options are severely lacking.

When I was a kid, I remember our navigation device had access to an array of celebrity and famous character voices for you to choose from. You even had the option to record your own.

Granted those voices might crunch after a while – Yoda’s navigational narration barely lasted 5 minutes – but for the occasional joke I’d love to be guided by the tight-lipped Billy Butcher from The Boys, or hear the delightfully odd intonation of Nicolas Cage.It should become easier to combine several means of transport in one route.

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