How to Easily Solve Lost Laptop Sounds

How to Easily Solve Lost Laptop Sounds,Especially realtek

How to Easily Solve Lost Laptop Sounds – You may have experienced the sound on your laptop that suddenly disappeared while watching or listening to music? If you experience this, try the following ways to solve the missing laptop sound.Sound or audio on a laptop is a very important part that must be present when watching movies or listening to music on a laptop. Without sound, watching movies is less fun.

Lost sound on a laptop is usually caused by many factors. Causes of missing laptop sound include problems with drivers, operating system settings, to hardware damage.

1. Make sure it’s ‘Mute Off’

This trivial problem that is often not realized is one of the factors that causes the loss of sound on your laptop.The first way that can be done to overcome the laptop no sound is to make sure the mute feature is off.To do this, simply click on the speaker icon at the bottom right of your laptop screen. If the speaker icon is crossed, it means your audio is muted.After unmuting, increase the volume to bring back the sound.

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Solve Lost Laptop Sounds

2. Run Audio Troubleshoot

If the problem of sound loss on a laptop lies on a Windows system, then an effective way to solve it is by running an audio troubleshooter. Through this feature, the Windows system will automatically detect problems with laptop audio. Here’s how to run the audio troubleshoot:

  • First open the Settings menu on the laptop.
  • Then select the System menu.
  • Then select the Sound menu, and click the Troubleshoot button.
  • Wait until the process is complete, then select the type of speaker you want to repair, for example: Speakers – High Definition AudioDevice.
  • Then click Next.
  • After the process is complete, check the audio on your laptop again by turning on music or other videos.

3. Check the Enable Speaker Settings

Lost sound or audio on a laptop usually occurs because of a bug that appears on the laptop system. There are various types of bugs, one of which is when the audio is disabled, even though if you look at the settings, the audio is active.

The way to deal with laptop sound not coming out is to disable-enable the audio driver first.

  • Open the Sound Settings menu on the laptop.
  • Then select Manage sound devices on the Sound tab.
  • After that click Disable on Output devices.
  • Finally, click Enable.
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4. Check the Default Settings on the Speaker

The next way to solve the missing laptop sound is through the audio speaker settings. It could be that you’ve made changes to these settings and forgot to restore them, causing the sound on your laptop to be lost.

  • The first step, right-click the Speaker Icon located at the bottom right of the laptop screen.
  • Then select the Sounds menu.
  • After that click the Playback tab that appears on the Sounds menu.
  • Finally, select Set Default and click the OK button.
  • At this stage, make sure the Set Default button on the laptop is inactive, because if it is active, you can be sure that the sound on the laptop will not appear.

5. Update Sound Driver

You need to know that a problematic sound driver can also cause the sound on a laptop to be lost.However, this problem can be solved by reinstalling the laptop sound driver. Here’s how to reinstall the sound driver:

  • Open the Device Manager menu on the laptop.
  • After that, double-click on the Sounds, Video, and Game Controllers menu. Then right click on the sound driver.
  • Then click Uninstall Device
  • When finished, restart your laptop so that the sound driver is automatically installed again.
  • After following the instructions above, try to check again whether the sound on the lost laptop has returned to normal or not.
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6. Disable Audio Enhancement

The Enhancement feature that is active can actually cause the sound on the laptop to not appear.To restore the sound of your lost laptop, the step you have to do is to disable the enhancement on the laptop audio. Here’s how:

  • Right-click on the speaker icon at the bottom right of the desktop screen, then click Sounds.
  • On the Sounds menu select Speakers, then click Properties.
  • After that click Enhancements, tick Disable All Sound Effects, then click OK.

7. Restart Windows Audio

The Audio Service Not Responding problem is often experienced by Windows users, especially on the Windows 10 version.This problem can be one of the causes of the laptop not making sound. To fix this, try restarting the Windows Audio Service.

  • First open the Windows menu on the laptop, then type Services in the search field.
  • After that click the Services menu, then scroll down and select the Windows Audio menu.
  • Finally, select the Restart option.
  • That’s how to deal with lost laptop sound to try yourself at home. If all the methods above have been applied but do not work, take your laptop to a service center. There may be damage to your laptop hardware.

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