How to permanently remove apps on iphone

How to permanently remove apps on iphone

How to permanently remove apps on iPhone – This iPhone tip will discuss 5 ways to delete apps on iPhone and iPad. Often there are some users of this iOS device who uninstall the application having problems where the application cannot be permanently deleted. All iOS applications that you have installed will have a download history or purchase history in the App Store.

There’s no difference uninstalling apps on iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6 or above. Likewise, if you want to delete applications on the iPad, the method is the same.

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There are several things that cause someone to want to delete an application on an iPhone, including:

  • The application is rarely used or never opened again.
  • iPhone storage is almost full.
  • Agree with the 2 (two) things above? or have other reasons why delete apps on iOS devices (iPhone and iPad).

All the apps you want to remove can be easily found in your purchase history or purchased in the App Store and paid apps you’ve purchased can be re-downloaded without having to pay again.

1. Delete iOS App via Home Screen

This is a very easy and fast method, you only need to press and hold the application icon on the Home Screen for a few seconds until an X appears in the left corner of the icon and the application shakes. Next, press the X button to remove the desired application and a confirmation window will appear and select Remove.

2. Uninstall Apps with iTunes

This method is almost the same as transferring photos from iPhone to Mac, you need an iPhone USB data cable to connect iPhone to iTunes.

  • Connect iPhone to computer then launch iTunes.
  • Select the device by clicking on the existing iPhone or iPad icon.
  • In the Settings menu in the sidebar, select Apps.
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3. Delete Applications and Application Data via the Settings menu

You can also use the Storage, Settings – Storage & iCloud Usage – Manage Storage sub menu to delete apps on iPhone and iPad. It can also be used to find out how much data a particular app has installed on an iOS device.Search and find the application you want to uninstall then select Delete App.


4. Delete All Apps at Once with Restore in iTunes

Generally, this method is used if you want to reinstall the iPhone with the latest iOS or previous version (downgrade). Instead, if you just want to uninstall the application, I don’t recommend using this method because it requires an iOS IPSW file.In addition, you must also prepare a computer and data cable to connect iPhone to iTunes and then press the Restore iPhone button…

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5. Delete iPhone Apps and Data with Reset menu

Just like the fourth method above, how to delete applications with this technique, not only deleted applications but you will also lose music, video, contacts, calendar photos and others.Please enter the Settings menu – General – Reset and select Erase All Content and Settings. Next, select Erase iPhone.

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