How to set iphone camera so it doesn’t mirror

How to set iphone camera so it doesn’t mirror

How to set iphone camera so it doesn’t mirror – As an iPhone user, you may feel confused when you find the results of the reverse photo from the camera of this device.Not infrequently also makes the user annoyed because the orientation results are not as desired or there is a mirror.This situation has become factory default, for that you need to take certain steps to overcome it.

Here’s how the iPhone camera doesn’t mirror :

Activate the front camera mirror tool

You can only run this setting process on an iPhone with the support of the iOS 14 operating system.You will need to update it first if your device does not already have the relevant operating system.Next, you can activate the new iOS tools via the Settings or Settings menu after the update process is complete.

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After that, find the Camera submenu and then click on the Composition section.You can choose Mirror Front Camera so that the problems you are facing are immediately resolved.Click the available button so that its position changes to active.After the new feature is activated, try to return to the main part of the device, then enter the front camera mode.

This kind of action is useful to check whether the steps that were carried out were successful.If your photo is no longer upside down like it used to be, it means that your efforts were successful.However, this kind of trick only works for users of the latest Apple products.In other words, you still need another trick if you are an old iPhone user.The reason is, you will not find the Settings menu even though you have even installed iOS 14.

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How to set iphone camera so it doesn't mirror

Take advantage of the photo flip tool

For users of old iPhone brands, using the flip photo tool manually is a practical solution.You only need to access the Photos application after capturing the moment through the front camera of this exclusive device.The way the iPhone camera doesn’t mirror is quite easy, you just have to select the Edit button, then click Crop.Several alternative flip modes will appear in the upper right corner of the Photos Editor page.
Choose what you want after successfully shooting the selfie photo.Although it requires additional applications, but this method is fairly practical, right?

Take advantage of the editing tools in the Adobe Photoshop Express application

There is still one more way that you can take to overcome the mirror condition on the iPhone front camera, which is to use Adobe Photoshop Express.The first step is to ensure that your device has downloaded and installed this application via the App Store.After that, open the app and allow camera access requests.

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Select the Open submenu in Camera Roll to import the photos you want.Click the Crop button at the bottom of the user interface so a number of editing alternatives will appear.Click the horizontal or vertical arrows when you want to change the position of the photo.It turns out that there are many ways the iPhone camera doesn’t mirror.Everything is practically done, just adjust the condition of your device.

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Edit Applications with Adobe Photoshop Express

Here are some ways to set the iPhone camera to not mirror by using the Adobe Photoshop Express application, including:

1. Install this application via the App Store
2. Open it, then give permission to the app to access the camera. Then touch open from the camera roll to send the photo you want to edit
3. Tap the cropped photo icon at the bottom. Then several editing options will appear
4. Next option flip or arrow vertical / horizontal to flip the photo.

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That’s an easy way to set the iPhone camera not to mirror on your iPhone device. If the results are right, then you can save and exit the application.

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