How To Stopping Fall Planter

2. Go for impact

If you cannot create a variety of height with your real plants, consider an accessory, says James. “Use a small hay leg,” she says, “which is appropriate for the fall and allows her to stack and overlap different pots, templates and pumpkins.” Buy in your local pumpkin patch or even craft stores to get the favorite pumpkins of all (real or false) in your vignette. You can also search your home to add some height. “I turned a vintage cube face down and placed a pot of flowers at the top, or used a block of wood for a small variety,” she says.

3. Mind the sun

Those who live in warmer climates probably know their living decorations, including pumpkins and flowers, will feel the effects of the sun, says James. “Nobody wants a pumpkin ‘cook’ on the porch, which brings many funny creatures with him,” she explains. “Always close closely my exhibitions in the afternoon throughout the sun. We often have to water our planters twice a day until reaching October. ”

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4. Choose live material wisely

If you are an autumn decorator at the beginning of autumn or planting curator who likes to reach the pumpkin patch before October, James recommends choosing pumpkins with healthy green stems. “That way they will last a little more, especially if she shows them outside,” she explains, and she adds that if she wants to extend the useful life of her pumpkins even more, she can try to bathe them. “With 1 part of blender to 10 parts of water, soak the pumpkin for just a few minutes,” she says. “Let it dry completely and then put it to dry again.”

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