How to take a picture to look taller

How to take a picture to look taller,looks like a model

How to take a picture to look taller – While there’s not much you can do to change your genes, the world of camera phones, angles, and smart photography is here to save the day! Yes, putting on a pair of 6-inch stilettos is a breeze, but the last thing you need is a sprained ankle or bruised heel, right? That’s why learning the right photography skills and ideal poses is the only way to emerge victorious in this battle of big versus small and Insta-worthy versus non-Insta-worthy.

Experienced photographers from WhatKnot Photography (@whatknotin) share a glimpse of the tricks of the trade to add height to your photos and liking to your image.

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1. Get that low angle

You must have heard of it before, and it works. Be careful when trying to take photos from a low shooting position with an upward angle. When the camera is tilted up, it elongates the body structure and makes you look taller. Aside from the oh-so-honest clicks, the pose-y-clicks definitely require a bit more effort.

How to take a picture to look taller

2. Extend one leg

When it comes to capturing portraits, this should be your number one choice. Whether you’re standing or sitting, stretching your leg slightly forward makes you appear taller. It creates the illusion of slim legs and a taller look, creating dimension that fools the eyes into believing that you are actually tall.

3. Take a picture when you are in motion

Do you prefer candid shots to poses? What better way than to capture snapshots while walking! This is almost the same as the previous tip of putting one foot in front of the other. Walking helps find a natural stride that allows the photographer to take larger pictures without bending over or leaning far too far forward. Taking long strides makes your legs appear slimmer and longer, adding dimension to the photo.

4. Sit in a group

How often are you the smallest in a group of people? To avoid so-called embarrassment, make sure everyone grabs a chair and shoot seated instead. While you still tend to look smaller, the stark difference in height will be less obvious. Alternatively, you could have your taller friends occupy the front chairs while you seat yourself at a reasonably low height in the back.

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5. Maintain correct posture

Image, image, image, if you’ve been at it since morning, you’ll eventually get tired. As fatigue sets in, you begin to slouch and your body loosens and sinks. If you want that one perfect shot under 100 not so perfect, stand up straight with your chin slightly up and your shoulders pushed back. Remember that posture is most important when it comes to appearing taller in photos.

6. Put your hands above your head

Pretending to hold up your hair or head can make you look taller. You can also style like lifting the hat you are wearing.

7. Pull your shoulders back

Good posture, also produces good photos. Try pretending to walk while carrying a bag, as if the bag is pulling your hand back.

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