How to Unlock a Locked Samsung Phone Without Wiping Data

How to Unlock a Locked Samsung Phone Without Wiping Data

How to Unlock a Locked Samsung Phone – To avoid ignorant hands as well as thieves, it’s a good idea to give your cellphone a password in the form of numbers, patterns, sounds, or facial scans. That way people can’t open your cellphone and can’t access the data on it.But unfortunately if suddenly forgot to hit. The password that is usually remembered is suddenly forgotten.

As a result, the cellphone can’t be opened even though it’s really needed. But calm down, behind forgetting there is always a way to overcome it. If you forget your cellphone password, you don’t need to worry because there are ways to open a locked smartphone.

How to Unlock a Locked Cellphone :

Usually if our cellphones are locked we choose to reset our cellphones to disassemble the lock that can’t be opened. But as a side effect, all the data in our HP will be lost. Even though there are 7 ways to open a locked cellphone without the need to reset your cellphone. Here’s how.

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1.Use Android Device Manager

First, how to open a locked cellphone can be done using the Android Device Manager. To access this service, you can borrow your friend’s smartphone to use the browser. Make sure you are logged in with the same Google account.

In the Android Device Manager link, you will find three options, namely ring, lock, and delete. Then select Lock or Lock. You will also be asked to enter a new password, which will replace the pattern or old PIN you used. After that, wait 5 minutes and the smartphone can be unlocked with the new password.

Unlock a Locked Samsung Phone

2.Use Samsung Find My Mobile

Another way that you can practice is to use Samsung Find My Mobile. The services offered are actually almost the same as the Android Device Manager, but Samsung Find My Mobile is specially presented by Samsung.

You must enter the Samsung Find My Mobile link in the browser, then Log In with a Samsung account. After logging in, select Lock My Screen in the left pane. Then enter the new password and click the Lock button. Wait up to two minutes, and your smartphone can be opened again.

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3.Use the Forgot Pattern Feature

Are you still looking for a way to unlock a forgotten pattern cellphone?If your smartphone is still using Android 4.4 KitKat or lower version, you can use Forgot Pattern to unlock your smartphone. You can find this Forgot Pattern immediately after you try five times to enter the pattern.

There are two methods available in Forgot Pattern. The first answers questions, and the second opens via email. Google will send you an unlock pattern or you can change it if you want.

4.Use ADB to remove password

You can use ADB as a way to unlock a locked cellphone, but this method won’t work if you haven’t enabled USB Debugging. In addition, you already have to connect the smartphone to the PC via ADB.

To use this method, connect the smartphone to the PC using a data cable. Then open a Command Prompt window. Then type the following command and press Enter. Then reboot your smartphone and after that the password on your smartphone has been erased.

Unlock a Locked Samsung Phone

5.Use Safe Mode

There are lots of lockscreen security apps available for Android. Some of them even have very advanced features. If your smartphone has problems due to third-party applications, you can boot into Safe Mode.

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There are many different ways to do this. Depends on the type and brand of your smartphone. After successfully entering Safe Mode, lock the screen from third party apps. You can also immediately delete the application and reboot the smartphone to exit Safe Mode.


6.Do a Factory Reset

Finally, how to open a locked cellphone is to do a Factory Reset. Doing this method means that you have to be honest that all the data stored on your smartphone will be completely erased.

The Factory Reset method is arguably the most powerful you know. To be able to access the Recovery Mode service, the method depends on the type and brand of the smartphone. If you have successfully entered Recovery Mode, press the volume button for the Wipe Data/Factory Reset option. When finished, select Reboot System Now and your smartphone will be back like new again.

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