Install Cyberpanel On DigitalOcean

Install Cyberpanel On Digital Ocean,VPS The virtual world

Install Cyberpanel On DigitalOcean – How to Install Cyberpanel on a DigitalOcean VPS The virtual world has become one of the most popular things in the current technological era to store various things and needs, including in terms of managing a website.

Having a Virtual Private Server (VPS) gives the impression of private server ownership, because this is an advanced level of web hosting which only has file storage space. However, overall server management is still on the sysadmin.

When we decide to use a VPS, it means that we are ready to manage everything related to our own server, including in terms of configuration so that we can use it as we wish.

This time we will share how to install Cyberpanel on a DigitalOcean VPS, for more details you can see in the following discussion.
First, open a browser, be it Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or FireFox, please use it as you wish.

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However, in this tutorial we are using the Google Chrome browser.

  • Then, login to your DigitalOcean account.
  • After the login process is successful, click the Create button and select Droplets.
  • On the Choose an image page, select the Marketplace tab.
  • Then, type Cyberpanel in the search field.
  • On the Choose a plan page, select a package and adjust it to your needs.
  • You will be directed to the Choose a datacenter region page, on this page select the region according to the server you want to use.
  • If the target visitors are from Indonesia, then we recommend using the Singapore server.
  • Then, in Select additional you can adjust it according to your needs.
  • Don’t forget to enter a password in the Authentication section, please use a password that is easy to remember so you don’t have trouble logging in to SSH.
  • Enter the hostname on the Choose a hostname page. We recommend using easy words, so you don’t forget and it’s easy to remember.
  • Put a check on Enable Backup, but if you don’t want the server to backup, skip this step. if you do this, then you need to add a fee of about 20% of the package you choose.
  • Finally, press the Create Droplet button and wait for the process to complete. This installation process takes less than 5 minutes, unlike if you do the installation manually it will take longer.
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SSH login

If the installation process is successful, then you will get IPv4 information when the process is complete. Please login using the information provided, starting from the root, username and password that you created earlier.

To login CyberPanel, you can visit the URL: https://ip-kamu:8090. Please enter the login information as you get.This is information on how to quickly and easily install CyberPanel on a DigitalOcean VPS. Please read to the end so that there are no mistakes when practicing it.

Hopefully this discussion can be useful and bring insight to all of us, good luck and good luck.

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