iPhone 14 Pro ‘issues’ with new camera

iPhone 14 Pro leaker just tipped ‘issues’ with new camera/

One of the advantages that the iPhone 14 pro must have both on the regular model and in the previous generations is an improved main camera. The rumor is that a 48mp sensor will now packet, the main update in the megapixel count from the iphone 6s of 2015.But more megapixels do not necessarily indicate a better image quality, because the Pixel series has constantly demonstrated, and a filter has suggested that, in its current state, the new iPhone 14 Pro camera can disappoint in low light conditions compared to its predecessor

The word of this comes from @leaksapplepro (opens in the new tab), who presents a decent history of predicting Apple movements. Here is talking about the experiences of a source that has practical time with the Pro and Pro Max phones owned and prior to the launch, therefore, the findings must definitely be taken with a pinch of salt, since they are eliminated twice.

“There are some problems with the camera system,” writes the filter. “The new 48MP sensor is” the best during a smartphone if there is enough light “, but there is some optimization to try to relate the night mode.

“Source says it is worse than the professional field 13 there. There is a considerable amount of noise.”

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The camera’s performance

As mentioned above, the camera’s performance not only reaches unprocessed hardware specifications, which is also simply, since that will be fine and really finished for now. Much is due to the “secret sauce” added on the side of the software of things, so there is still time for these deficiencies, if they are really legitimate, they are solved.

I am a touch concerned about the photos with little light, but I am sure that Apple can work there before launch,

Almost everything else is, as expected from a generational, improved update. In addition, as the best photograph in its class with good lighting, the source says that the speakers offer “more [sic] and audio in general more clear”, and what seems to substantially improve the battery life.

The battery life

“The source is not 100% sure of this, but the battery life increases a couple of hours in the 14 pro apparently,” writes the filter. “There was not enough time to try this properly, but that was the impression of my source.”

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In terms of design

In terms of design, “the Pro Max looks like a brick (as always)” and the Pro System of Pro Telephone is remarkably larger. “Good luck if you have a Magsafe duo,” says the filter. “It will probably work but it will look horrible.”

And what about the notice replacement? Like the notch, “you forget that you are there once you use the iPhone for a few minutes.” He adds nothing and is apparently purely there to visibly differentiate the professional model a little more, such as an ostentatious designer label.

That said, we all know what happened with the notch when it appeared on the iPhone X: a series of Android Premium phones of people like Huawei, Google and LG emerged with their own notch. Therefore, it would not be entirely surprising if Android’s rivals adopted something almost like this new strange design as a premium call card.

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It is worth repeating that these ideas could also be unreliable or, in fact, complete fiction. But we do not have much to attend to find out: the iPhone 14 series is expected to be presented at the beginning of next month along with the Apple Watch 8. With an initial order reported 90 million units, Apple seems to be sure that it will be Another hits, but you will be ready to read our full verdict in September.

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