Meta’s Portal finds new life as a productivity

Meta’s Portal finds new life as a productivity tool/

As the corporate world embraces its work-from-home future, Meta is doubling down on turning its line of smart displays into ultimate video calling devices. This week, the corporate announced its $349 Portal Plus (second-gen) and $199 Portal Go can now do extra work as a second display for your Mac or PC thanks to new support for the Duet Display app – Meta’s Portal.

Meta is additionally launching the Meta Portal Companion app for Mac so you can share your computer screen while on a video call and more easily access controls to raise your hand, mute yourself, and adjust the quantity .

Meta’s Portal finds new life as a productivity

The 10-inch Portal Go and therefore the 15-inch Portal Plus are the newest — and likely last — additions to the company’s foray into consumer smart displays. Meta has reportedly decided it won’t be making any longer for consumers and is shifting its focus to using Portals in the business world, which, in today’s landscape – Meta’s Portal, translates to support for work from home also .

Duet Display may be a third-party app that turns an Android tablet or iPad into a second display for a PC or Mac for a more modest-sized alternative to adding an extra monitor to your desk. Now, it’ll work with Meta’s Portal Go and Portal Plus, allowing you to tug open windows to your Portal and multitask to your heart’s content – Meta’s Portal.

The new macOS Meta Portal Companion app connects the Portal to your Mac – Meta’s Portal, showing video calling controls on the pc as well as the smart display and making it easy to share your computer screen during a call.

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Both the Go and therefore the Plus are still available to buy (and are currently $50 off at Amazon), and Meta has said it’ll continue to support them. I tested the Go, which is that the smaller and more portable of the two thanks to a built-in battery, and located it to be an excellent dedicated video calling gadget — if a lackluster smart display – Meta’s Portal., This added functionality could make it an honest second or third (or, okay, fourth) screen in your headquarters , especially if you are doing a lot of video calling.

Both Portals work with almost every video calling system available – Meta’s Portal, Cisco’s Webex, BlueJeans, GoTo Meeting, Workplace, and Microsoft Teams — and, of course, Facebook’s own Messenger calling. They also sync with Outlook or Google calendars for quick access to meetings and support Bluetooth for adding a keyboard and headset.

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Duet Display is out there now in the Meta app store for the Portal Plus and Go in the US, the UK, Canada, France, Spain, and Italy (and just for the Plus in Australia and New Zealand) – Meta’s Portal. you furthermore may need to download the app to the computer you want to link with the Portal by visiting The Meta Portal Companion app may be a free download at for the US and UK only.

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