Realme eyes growth in global smartphone

“In the future, we will focus on further developing two markets, namely China and India, where annual smartphone shipments exceed 10 million units. We also aim to open up 15 million sales markets in Southeast Asia and Europe,” Xu said. The 15 markets include countries such as France, Spain, Italy, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

Realme founder and CEO Li Bingzhong said in a letter marking the company’s fourth anniversary that there are eight markets with annual smartphone shipments exceeding 1 million units.


To achieve this goal, the company will increase R&D spending by 58 percent year-on-year, focusing on innovation in four aspects: screen, flash charging, game-enhanced experiences and new forms of hardware, Xu said.

Realme will also reduce its product portfolios and integrate resources to create popular smartphones, which will focus on the $250-$400 price segment, Xu added.

Realme made it into a top 50 list of major Chinese global brands for overseas influence for the first time this year. According to the Top 50 Kantar BrandZ Chinese Global Brand Builders 2022 report, jointly released by Google and Kantar Group, a data analysis and brand consulting firm, brand influence is up 20% in 11 markets and 70% in 7 developed markets gone up .

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