Stop using BeReal,that’s an anti-social network

Stop using BeReal,that’s an anti-social network./

Some of you are using Bereal exactly how it was intended. I greet you for that. But some of you are using it in a very, very incorrect way. You know exactly who you are.

For those who do not know, Bereal is a social network that is antisocial in many ways. The application will send a notification to all users at a randomized time, letting them know that it is “Berosura time”. Theoretically, immediately after receiving this notification, users open Bereal, take a photo of what they are doing and publish it in the application. You can’t see other people’s beals until you have published yours.

On paper, it is the opposite of Instagram. The last application is notoriously selected: people fill it with beautiful carefully edited photos of themselves doing glamorous things with large groups of enchanted friends. You publish your best moments and, above all, nothing more.

But Bereal cannot be cured, or at least intends to not be. It is the true you. Move on Instagram can make you feel that you are the only one who spends Friday night watching Netflix in your bed while everyone else is in the city, but the displacement by Bereal reminds you that you are not alone. It is strangely comforting: perhaps it is the most effective online cure for the how that exists.

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At least that is the intention.

But Bereal has a fatal mistake that I think severely interrupts his mission: Bereal’s notification does not expire. While it is possible that you do not publish a turn before the notification is sent, you can publish one at any time after the notification has been sent (until the notification of the next day, of course).

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