Surface Pro 8 vs the new Surface Pro X

Surface Pro 8 vs. the new Surface Pro X: Which one will the best?

Surface Pro 8 vs the new Surface Pro X – With the launch of Windows 11, there are plenty of new 2-in-1 tablets from Microsoft this fall. The list includes the Surface Pro 8, Surface Laptop Studio, Surface Go 3, and Surface Pro X.

So, if you’re heading online to shop for one, you would possibly be wondering what are the differences among the devices. Well, between the Surface Pro 8 and therefore the Surface Pro X, there are quite few.

The two might look similar on the outside with slim bezels and the same Type Covers, but on the within , things are very different. We recently reviewed the Surface Pro 8, and here’s a glance at how it compares Surface Pro X in terms of design, performance, portability, and more.

1. Price

We start first with the foremost important aspect of them all, the price. Both the Surface Pro 8 and therefore the new Surface Pro X are expensive. You’ll find yourself spending more than $1,000 on either device after taxes and other fees. If you’re on a budget, we propose buying the Surface Go 3 instead.

The new Surface Pro 8 starts at $1,099 in price. That’s just the worth of the tablet, not including the sort Cover keyboard or the Surface Slim Pen 2. this is often for the entry-level model with an Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage. the worth was one of the negatives when we went hands-on and completed our full review.

On the opposite side of things, the new Surface Pro X may be a bit cheaper. It starts at $900 for a configuration with the Microsoft SQ1 processor, also as 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. A full $200 cheaper, which may end up saving you some money to buy a Type Cover, also as a Surface Slim Pen, for the simplest overall experience. We talked about this and therefore the price value of the Surface Pro X in a separate piece.

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The Pro 8 is powered by an Intel processor and runs any application you can think of. the professional X is powered by a custom Microsoft ARM-based processor and emulates apps, therefore the performance might not be the best for everyone. Keep that in mind.

2. Design

When it involves the design, the new Surface Pro X and Pro 8 are on the identical level. Visually, these are both sleek-looking devices, with slim bezels all the way around. regardless of which one you choose, you’ll be buying a tablet that’s plenty portable, looks specialized , and also features a lot of screen space for you to multitask.

The Surface Pro 8 comes in at 1.96 pounds and 0.37 inches in thickness. The Surface Pro X, meanwhile, comes in at 1.7 pounds and about 0.28 inches in thickness. On paper, the professional X is thinner and lighter than the Pro 8. In our review, we did, however, note that despite the heavy weight, the Surface Pro 8 isn’t a chore to use. We also think the switch in aluminum makes the device more rigid.

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3. Display

Another differentiating factor between the professional 8 and Pro X is the display. Yes, both 2-in-1’s have a display with slim bezels, but the technology thereunder display can shape up to be very different based on how you use your device.

The Pro 8 and the Pro X both sport a 13-inch, 2880 x 1920 resolution display with 267 pixels per inch (ppi). Both displays are available the 3:2 aspect ratio and support 10-point touch and the Surface Pen. The difference is that the professional 8 has some newer features inside the display panel.

The Pro 8 has a special Microsoft processor on the motherboard that supports Windows 11’s haptics. this suggests that if you buy a Surface Slim Pen 2, you’ll be ready to enjoy haptic feedback and get more of a true pen-on-paper experience when you draw or write. This isn’t a feature that you’ll find on the Surface Pro X, so if inking is vital for you, then the professional 8 might be the better buy. That pen support are some things we really enjoyed, as we found the Surface Slim Pen 2 to be a big update, noting that it adds realism to writing and illustrating.

4. Performance

When it involves performance, the Surface Pro X and Surface Pro 8 are on opposite ends of the spectrum. the professional X sports Microsoft’s custom SQ1 or SQ2 ARM-based processor under the hood, and therefore the Pro 8 comes with Intel’s latest 11th-generation processors. Both devices are powered by Windows 11.

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This choice in CPUs means big performance differences. With Intel processors inside, the Surface Pro 8 won’t have any issues running your favorite apps. In fact, Microsoft says that with the 11th-generation processors under the hood, the device are often twice as fast as the Surface Pro 7, delivering over 40% higher sustained CPU performance and 74% faster sustained graphics performance.

5. Portability

We’ll end by mentioning portability. On this front, the professional X and Pro 8 are quite close. We already touched on the load aspect earlier, but when it involves battery life and ports, the devices are neck and neck with one another .

On both tablets, you get two USB-C ports, also as Surface Connect. Note that on the professional 8, the USB-C ports support Thunderbolt 4, but this isn’t an option on the professional X. the professional 8 also has a headphone jack, but the professional X does not.

Both devices have Windows Hello webcams. The front cameras are both 1080p and 5 megapixels, and therefore the rear is 10MP. There are even dual far-field mics on both devices. The difference on the professional 8, though, is that the 1080p webcam. We found that it produced sharp images and smooth video.

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